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Roman Venus. Related Events Marble, 87 in. high It is the largest example of a sculptural type that derives from a nowlost cult statue of Aphrodite in Corinth.

Marble statue of a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath, also known as Lely’s Venus

The goddess is shrouded in mystery, her attitude a persistent enigma. The missing pieces of marble and absence of attributes made the restoration and identification of the statue difficult. A whole range of positions have been suggested: leaning against a pillar, resting her elbow on Ares' shoulder, or holding a variety of attributes. According to whether she held a bow or an amphora, she was Artemis or a Danaid. She is popularly thought to represent Aphrodite, because of her half-nakedness and her sensual, feminine curves. She may have held an apple — an allusion to the Judgement of Paris — a crown, a mirror, or a shield in which she admired her reflection. However she might also be the sea goddess Amphitrite, who was venerated on the island of Melos.

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The Statue Of Aphrodite. Published: 23rd March, This essay has been submitted by a student. there is a sculpture depicting Eirene.

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This graceful statue of a goddess has intrigued and fascinated since its discovery on the island of Melos in 1820. Is it Aphrodite, who was often portrayed half-naked, or the sea goddess Amphitrite, who was venerated on Melos? The statue reflects sculptural research during the late Hellenistic Period: classical in essence, with innovatory features such as the spiral composition, the positioning in space, and the fall of the drapery over the hips. Aphrodite and Single Goddess Aphrodite Essay after a Greek original in the 4th century BC. 1 This sculpture is displayed around other sculptures from.This figure of Aphrodite is the work of a virtuoso artist: the elegant execution, careful modeling and technical characteristics all testify to its exceptional quality. The statuette is clearly a choice piece, unlike the cheap figurines mass-produced for art lovers of more modest means. The goddess was probably once adorned with gold jewelry: this is suggested by her pierced earlobes, and by comparisons with other Roman statuettes whose jewelry is still intact. It is likely that bracelets concealed the joints of the arms, which were cast separately before being attached to the shoulders. The eyes were originally inlaid with silver (now lost) and probably featured pupils filled with a brilliant, colored material, adding to the lively facial expression. Some commentators have identified the statuette as a small-scale replica of an Aphrodite by Scopas. However, the fullness of the forms and the inventively-arranged hair, tied at the nape of the neck and flowing in thick twists down her back, suggest a Hellenistic artist of the early third century BC.Visual Analysis of the Marble Statue of Aphrodite Name Institution Visual Analysis of the Marble Statue of Aphrodite Aphrodite statues were very popular in Greece.