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Except for a few shots of CGI special effects and impressively spacious sets, technical aspects of the movie run the gamut from the expensive but ho-hum to the actively cheesy. DP Choe Young-taek, previously responsible for the warm and compassionate colors of , struggles to break free from the rigid confines of Kang's , basically a string of scenes of actors talking to each other . Production designers, spearheaded by Jo Seong-won () and Yi Tae-won (), seem equally hemmed in, unable to bring creative touches to drab settings like the Blue House interior. Han Jae-gwon's music score, which frequently drowns out the actors, instructs you what to feel note by note.

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This movie made me wake up and see the world and what is going on init, as I truly is. It is extremely powerful and very convincing andutilizes the expertise of some extraordinary people like Deepak Chopra,David Icke, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and many other amazing people,authors and scientists.

The messages in this movie are relevant to everyone and could usher ina new age if you are open to it, and willing to go deeper into therabbit hole after you watch it. I am without a doubt convinced by thisand I will do my best to share the message and give people theopportunity to wake up and become aware of what is going on in ourworld. The movie makes a very convincing link between the suppressionof medical and technological breakthroughs, the increasing governmentalcontrol and restrictive policies, New world order conspiracies, 9/11,the financial crisis and the banks role in it along with crop circles,alien technology and ancient cultures, though they wouldn't seemrelated at all. If you are willing to watch it with an open mind itwill definitely change your perspective. Even though the message of thefilm is sinister and shocking, it will leave you feeling hopeful andoptimistic about the future of our civilization and planet.

Very big words I know, but watch the movie and you'll understand.

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Film review of John Q College Essay Sample. John Q is a movie about a desperate father that will do anything, including commit suicide, to save his ailing son.