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Cornelius Van Til; Born ) May 3. according to Van Til, only the Christian's presuppositions allow for the possibility of. Essays on Christian Education ISBN 0. Books by Cornelius Van Til Christian Apologetics by Cornelius Van Til 4.07 avg rating. Essays on Christian Education by Cornelius Van Til 4.28 avg rating. Product Details. Title: Essays On Christian Education; Author: Cornelius Van Til; Publisher: The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company; Publication Date: 1979. Product Details. Title: Essays On Christian Education; Author: Cornelius Van Til; Publisher: The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company; Publication Date: 1979. Get this from a library! Essays on Christian education. [Cornelius Van Til.

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The reason I have not included a section is because there is an excellent article which was part of the Van Til lecture series given by Dr. Edmund P. Clowney. This lecture was published in the Westminster Journal, Fall 1984 and also as an appendix in John Frame’s book, Cornelius Van Til, An Analysis of His Thought. Dr. Clowney makes it very clear that Oome Kees’s apologetics and his preaching began at the same point, with the God of the Bible and he applied his preaching to the culture of the day. I would urge you to read this wonderful article.

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Van Til was no mere Christian philosopher and theologian. According to John Frame, Van Til was “perhaps the most important Christian thinker since John Calvin,” and this “coming not from an uncritical disciple.” Gary North, in his critique of Van Til’s amillennialism and the consequent view of common grace, writes:

More than 50 hours of audio recordings from Cornelius Van Til are included in this extraordinary resource. Listen to more than 75 different addresses from the great Reformed thinker and apologist on topics ranging from the sovereignty of God to common grace, from the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas to . Audio files are grouped into five main categories: Bible studies and sermons, addresses and studies, Christian thought and conflict, historical survey of apologetics, and lectures on modern theology.This bibliographic guide was created for the Van Til CD-ROM product from Logos Bible Software. Beginning in the 1920s until his death in 1987, Dr. Cornelius Van Til wrote over five hundred books, syllabi, articles, editorials, book reviews, pamphlets, and manuscripts; this guide provides an index to virtually everything Van Til has written and includes links from each bibliographic entry to its corresponding Libronix DLS resource.Cornelius Van Til revises his syllabus on Systematic Theology in the volume, accounting for developments in theology from Karl Barth and the subsequent studies of . The Christian faith must not be taken in the form of “piecemeal apologetics” but instead “be set over against the non-Christian faith as a whole.” This work includes his studies on Epistemology, General Revelation, and the Attributes of God, among other studies in Christian theology.This work brings together 16 book reviews by Cornelius Van Til. The books under review are on apologetical subjects and were deemed by Van Til to have been of more than passing importance. Authors reviewed include Niehbuhr, Brunner, Ridderbos, and .Dr. Cornelius Van Til served as a professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, for 43 years. He retired in 1972, but remained as an emeritus professor until his death in 1987. Van Til, an immigrant from The Netherlands, was one of the most respected apologetic theologians of his time.