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We can really study history as a natural process by using quantitative measures (the idea of Pitirim Sorokin, seeEssay 27. The Existential Sisyphus) and although I am surprised that, as far as I know, nobody has systematically explored the modernity-to-postmodernity transition with modern methods, I have a provisional explanation that postmodernism in humanities by its very essence does not look for the so-called old-fashioned truth.

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For , Modernism embodied one of the "most beautiful ideals of mankind: progress". But in this exclusive essay for Dezeen, the Warsaw-based photographer discusses how his images of the movement's now dilapidated concrete-formed churches, Soviet housing estates and various saucer-shaped structures show its failure.

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Akash, you can improve the quality of the essay …by telling the history of formation of earth and its climate (summary) after you can come down in chronology with examples of various nations like ENGLAND MODERN INDUSTRIALIZATION

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There is a particular ancient economic mechanism that has come to prominence during the postmodernity, as result of growing productivity and increasing flows of money and information. I call it mesoderm effect or meso, for short. On mesoderm, see Essay 43.. The oldest example is the merchant, a middleman between a buyer and a seller. Meso, or interposition, for a more academic sound, means that a third party (organ, tissue, organization, agent, gate keeper, interpreter, check point sentry, broker, etc.) emerges and grows between any two communicating parties.

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The book is in five parts: The Enlightenment and Its Heritages; Mind and Culture in the Victorian Middle Classes; European Cultural Modernism; Culture, Politics, and Society in Twentieth-Century Germany; and Freud and the History of Psychoanalysis. Striking for its interdisciplinarity, the volume includes essays in political theory, historical philosophy, cultural criticism, theology, literature, medicine, and psychoanalysis. Among the topics are Thomas Hobbes's civil science, Enlightenment philosophies of history, pornography, German modernist architecture, T. S. Eliot's social criticism, the history of cultural censorship in Germany, German-Jewish women during the Nazi persecution, and Freud's attitudes toward death and dying.Get this from a library! The estimation of probabilities; an essay on modern Bayesian methods [Irving John Good. The Estimation of Probabilities: An Essay. Bayesian Reasoning, Misc in. Upload a copy of this paper Check publisher's policy on self-archival Papers currently. The Estimation of Probabilities: An Essay on Modern Bayesian Methods Cambridge, Mass.: The M.I.T. Press An Essay on Modern Bayesian Methods Cambridge, Mass. With this essay though, we have had an overview of the various definitions of modernity by the three philosophers: Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber. We have also seen their premonitions, feelings and expectations of modernity. Different aspects of modernity and the change of these aspects that affect modernity have been discussed and compared to with the pre-modern age. However, even with all these, it should still be clear that there still exists no precise definition of modernity and the term is open to any belief that any person could come up with.