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Many children, especially girls, work in domestic service, sometimes starting as young as 5 or 6. This type of child labor is linked to child trafficking. Domestic child laborers can be victims of physical, emotional, and sometimes sexual abuse.

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Lewis Hine died in poverty, neglected by all but a few. His reputation continued to grow, however, and now he is recognized as a master American photographer. His photographs remind us what it was like to be a child and to labor like an adult at a time when labor was harsher than it is now. Hine's images of working children stirred America's conscience and helped change the nation's labor laws. Through his exercise of free speech and freedom of the press, Lewis Hine made a difference in the lives of American workers and, most importantly, American children. Hundreds of his photographs are available online from the National Archives through the .

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We are talking about children forming consciences at that time, learning right from wrong. These children do not know. They come out and do not know what is right. They are confused. What they did before, that they were rewarded for, is such a horror to anybody else, that they are shunned. And most often they have been in multiple placements. They will go to a home, they will steal, they will lie, they will hurt animals. One little guy would sharpen pencils and try to stab people. I don't mean poke, I mean stab. People don't like that in their homes. They don't have any idea what it is, they just think, "We have a weird kid." Many are sent to psychiatric hospitals where they are labeled psychotics, schizophrenics, and who would want them in?

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Since child labor started to increase some people thought it was unfair. One of those people was Lewis Hine. He was important during child labor because he took pictures that showed America the rough work that kids had to do. Another person that was important in child labor was Grace Abbott who worked hard to get an amendment ratified to get child labor to end. Also a group of people got together and created the national child labor committee (NCLC) that protested and worked hard to get laws that could help child labor to end but more effort was needed for it to end.

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But people were not the only ones that helped end child labor. There were laws and bills that were passed by Congress to stop child labor. One of those laws was that companies using young children were taxed. Not only did the U.S congress pass laws but also the states. By 1899 about 44 states had child labor laws to get kids in school but many of them had too many loopholes in them so child labor didn't decrease. Even with these laws the Supreme Court decides they were unconstitutional. In the time one of the famous court cases of child labor that hit the Supreme Court was the Hammer vs. Dagenhart when a parent was concerned of his children's safety at work but the Supreme Court still didn't change its mind that it was unconstitutional. One of the last few amendments concerning child labor was one that said that child labor was uneconomical. But that was not enough for children to be back in school and out of the dangerous environments of work. America had to go through bad times to get child labor decreased.

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Child labour means that children are forced to work like adults and take part in an Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives